To our Thrills family

As we're sure you're already aware, the Northern Rivers (where we're based) and surrounds have been struck with the worst floods on record. To be real with you all, this has been extremely difficult for us to comprehend.

There's no doubt about it; this is a devastating time and our hearts are breaking for our local family, many of whom have lost absolutely everything.

For those wanting to help out, we'll be sharing some incredible fundraisers and initiatives you can get behind below. No matter how big or small, any donation helps to make a difference in someone's world.

While there's still a long and difficult road ahead, we're confident in the love and support of our community and want to thank you in advance for helping us on this journey.

Big love from all of us.

- Your Thrills family

Fundraisers and initiatives: 

  • Bundjalung Community Flood Relief - by Koori Mail - all funds going directly to the people and communities who need it without deduction. 

  • GIVIT - GIVIT is managing offers of donated goods, services, volunteering and funds, including corporate offers, in response to the widespread flooding across Queensland and New South Wales.

  • Nothern Rivers Flood Relief fundraiser - raising funds for the needs for the recovery of the wider Northern Rivers community becomes clear.
  • Lismore Floods Good Night Sleep Appeal - proceeds going directly towards buying new or good conditioned used mattresses for the townspeople of Lismore who have lost everything.
  • Lismore Flood Appeal - run by the Council who are taking donations for disaster recovery and community support arising from the current Lismore flooding disaster.
  • Flood Relief Cook Up - A bunch of chefs and businesses ready to cook food and deliver meals to those affected by the Northern Rivers' floods.


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