Introducing Infinite.

There’s a boldness yet subtlety with Infinite. Find soft basics juxtaposed with utilitarian workwear, drawing parallels between the changing nature we live in. Featuring rich, warm and luscious tones alongside vintage hues, our new pieces are designed using custom-milled fabrications and detailed development, making it our most thoughtful yet.

Sustainability continues to be front-of-mind and protagonist, with Infinite our most planet-friendly to-date, even down to the updated labelling of each garment. Find innovative fabrics such as hemp and recycled polyester, alongside high-quality denim made using organic cotton.

Infinite is our proudest collection yet. Online and in-stores now.


Talent: @nathanangelis @milanisobey
Director/photo: @natcollins666
Video: @liamtheseamonkey
Production/socials: @madi_k
Styling: @vlukes
Styling assist: @sheilawdm
Music: @sonic_attributes
H&MU: @nicholeleemakeup


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