We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve our daily practices, but often it just comes down to good sense. We invest in green energy, use recycled materials and encourage good habits by setting a good example. Basically if you can’t reduce it, reuse it or recycle it, you should rethink it. Read about our conscious packaging and more here.


Our online orders are packed and shipped in biodegradable postage satchels from Hero Packaging. This awesome company makes their waterproof shipping bags out of plant-based materials, which not only reduces plastic waste but produces significantly less CO2 than traditional poly mailers. Remove any labels, chuck them in your compost and they’ll break down in 3-6 months. If you'd like to exchange or return an item, you can simply reuse our bags thanks to our new double seals - reusing made simple!


To protect clothing from damage during transport, both to you and to stores, items are typically packaged by manufacturers in garment bags. After extensive research, we decided to use recycled PE bags made from upcycled waste that could be responsibly recycled through REDcycle*.

While biodegradable bags sound like a good option here, we’ve decided against them as these bags are required for up to two years, meaning any that can sustain that period also take much longer to break down when they eventually join compost and emit excessive methane in the process.

*In November 2022 we have just received the news that the recycling of soft plastics in Australia is at a standstill. The supermarkets that collected soft plastics for all of us will not be doing this in the near future. While we are still very proudly using our Recycled PE Garment Bags with the knowledge that they are reducing and re-using waste, the news has prompted us to explore new ways of keeping our garments protected on their way to you. We are now working on some alternatives to deal with our own soft plastic waste and will be updating you as we have some real wins to report - won’t be long!


We’ve chosen 100% recycled cardboard for all our Thrills garment hang tags, accessory boxes, retail store bags and wrapping, which means these items don’t contribute to global deforestation and can also be continually recycled.