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At the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to natural fibers. We not only prioritize organic and recycled materials but also integrate natural resources like Hemp into our products. Hemp, celebrated for its exceptional breathability and durability, distinguishes itself through its limited dependence on synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and water throughout cultivation.

Similarly, Linen, derived from the flax plant, epitomizes sustainability by requiring minimal water and pesticides. Following harvesting and retting processes, its fibers are spun into yarns and woven into a fabric renowned for its breathability and resilience.



Our products made with organic cotton and recycled materials follow a stringent chain of custody, ensuring transparency from the source to the final product. This chain meticulously tracks the fibers at every stage of their journey, guaranteeing the accuracy of claims regarding the fiber content, such as "organically grown" or "recycled."

This process is crucial because raw materials traverse the globe for spinning, dyeing, weaving, cutting, and sewing. By obtaining certification to a third-party content claim standard, every step of this journey is rigorously monitored to ensure the integrity of the materials used.

Our chain of custody standard, the Content Claim Standard (CCS), mandates certification at each stage of the supply chain. This involves on-site audits, document reviews, and the issuance of scope certificates (SCs). Additionally, transaction certificates (TCs) are issued for products as they move through the production chain, confirming compliance with the given standard.

Scope certificates affirm a company's qualification to produce certified products, while transaction certificates validate specific products' certification. All our products containing organic cotton or recycled content undergo this thorough certification process, ensuring accountability and authenticity throughout.