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We believe businesses have a responsibility to give back to their community and the planet by using their profit for purpose. This is why we’re incredibly proud to be a part of the 1% For The Planet global network – an alliance of businesses that understand the necessity of protecting the natural environment and pledge a percentage of sales to charities with this focus at their core. 

Since 2019, we’ve proudly been donating a portion of sales from a line of sustainably focused products to a local non-profit organisation called SEED. Australia’s first and only Indigenous youth climate network, Seed is led by young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people for climate justice. 

And since 2023, we've proudly been donating and volunteering yearly for REFOREST NOW.

With your help, we have raised an incredible $47,130.89* via our 1% For The Planet activation and the total amount has been donated to Seed and Reforest Now. We have also introduced a tipping option at our checkout in 2021, leaving you the option to directly donate to Seed and Reforest now, raising a further $1,197.13*. We couldn’t have done this without you and your amazing support!

*Status quo March 2023 (FY 2024)

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1% For The Planet is a global movement of businesses committed to tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues. Founded with the vision to make giving back simple, effective and accessible to everyone, 1% brings dollars and doers together to protect the future of our planet through diverse efforts. Whether profitable or not, businesses give 1% of sales to their partner charity so that we can collectively protect and restore the natural environment. 

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As Australia's first and only indigenous youth climate network, Seed supports young mob with the skills, confidence, networks and plans to lead a movement for climate justice, from fighting fracking to defending land rights. A growing network spanning all corners of the country, it addresses the critical role that Indigenous leadership plays in tackling the root causes of the climate crisis and ensuring environmental justice by building the capacity of the next generation to lead effective campaigns. They aim to build strong, sustainable and resilient communities where everyone can thrive, and we’re proud to support that.

Learn more in our latest interview with SEED

In addition to our pledge to Seed, we give our customers the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to their organisation at checkout. Every dollar helps Seed to dream big, build ambitious plans and lay the foundations for setting up a new and sustainable organisation. 


ReForest Now (Est. 2018) was created by an unabated passion to see large-scale reforestation and regeneration of Australian rainforest ecosystems. The team of scientists, bush regenerators and nursery people are working with partners and individuals around the world to see immediate and effective restoration of critically endangered rainforest.

The team collects and grows the seeds of hundreds of varieties of species, teaching, learning, and producing resources to further scientific understanding. Rainforests support more than half of all the terrestrial biodiversity on the planet. We must restore these ecosystems to oppose the worsening climate and extinction crises. There is a strong team of passionate people who are ready to act now on your behalf.

Learn more about Reforest now

We have planted 2,746 rainforest trees for $13,730 donated in February 2023.