It's that wholesome time of year again. Plastic Free July has just arrived and we couldn't be more excited. Not only is it a great opportunity to bring awareness to plastic pollution, but also a way for us to be part of the solution and form some positive new habits.

Every bit counts, no matter how big or small, and because we're a "one in, all in" kind of family here at Thrills, we've decided to take on the challenge together. Each of us have made a pledge (big and small) to reduce single-use plastic during the month of July, and we're inviting you to take on the challenge and join us.


Verena (Digital Marketing Manager): I'll try to come close/exceed my Plastic Free July efforts from last year - with all the extra time at our hands I really got into cooking every day and substituting almost all foods for plastic-free versions. So for this year, I'll try to go as plastic-free as possible for the full 4 weeks again and take it a step further by swapping more bathroom accessories (looking at you, razor!). Besides using very little plastic throughout the month, I'll try to pick up as much rubbish as I can when going for walks with Billie. Such an easy task that makes a big difference!
PS: Back to food, if anyone has any options for plastic-free rice paper rolls or frozen berries HMU! 

Jo (Retail Manager): With SEQLD in lockdown, and some places no longer accepting reusable containers and coffee cups, I’m going to make my coffee at home or at the office if I can’t use my reusable cup. And I’m going to combine Plastic Free July with another of my favourite initiatives – Take Three For The Sea! So I’ll be aiming to pick up at least three pieces of litter on my daily walks with the dog.

Mike (Design Manager): I will go through all remaining items that Thrills makes and make sure every item we ship is in recycled PE - most already do and we encourage our customers to then take to Redcycle to again recycle. Myself and family will also try to buy even less plastic packaged items.

Isaac (Graphic Designer): I’ll be giving up buying beer that uses plastic packaging, and using a keep cup rather then coffee cups / takeaway cups.

Willie (Sales Manager):

  • Giving up buying beer that uses plastic packaging
  • Opting for no plastic cutlery/straws with takeaway
  • Using a KeepCup rather than coffee cups
  • Bringing my own containers to my local bakery
  • Buying dried foods in bulk rather than in packaging
  • Heading to my local farmers market

Madi (Social & PR): I'm planning to get amongst the farmers market and use my own containers for any takeaway food I get + also using a KeepCup for my coffee.

Serena (Women's Designer): Shop first from bulk food stores, the markets and local independent stores

We're inviting you to join us this month. Making small changes to everyday habits makes a huge difference—on a global and local level. It’s not about tackling everything at once. By choosing one or two single-use plastics to avoid, you’ll quickly discover the other plastics in your life that you can start cutting out.

You can also take the quiz here to help understand which single-use plastics you’re currently using. 

Let us know what your Plastic Free July goals are!

Big love,

Your Thrills family.

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