If you know us, you'll know we're constantly on the hunt for some solid new music to sink our teeth into, and boy have we got news to phone home about. Brisbane-based and unhinged rock'n'roll locals Full Flower Moon Band have just released their new single 'NY-LA' and it's safe to say it's been on repeat here at HQ since it's launch.

We decided to jump in on the QLD leg of their current Aus tour to rack their brains on the making of the single, inspo behind the album and much more. Get a load of it below:

How did Full Flower Moon Band (FFMB) come to be? 

Full Flower Moon Band is the project that I (Babyshakes Dilon) used to perform and release music. I’ve had a bunch of different players since I started the band, and it is now a 5-piece based in Brisbane. This line up started just over a year ago, and we recorded the latest album Diesel Forever together.

I’m curious - Who inspired your “bar-room rock meets classical cool” sound?

Hmm… Songs For The Deaf (QOTSA), Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath), Blackstar (Bowie), Killing In the Name Of (Rage Against song), In Utero (Nirvana), Bone Machine (Tom Waits), Electric Warrior (T Rex).

The new single 'NY-LA' is out - How’s the response been? 

NY - LA is a risky single because there are pretty mature themes throughout that radio probably doesn’t want to play at 2pm on a Monday. However, it’s going great. NY-LA has always been a fan favourite at the live show. I think that’s because we reference so many things that feel like an in joke with the music scene. Everyone who already follows the band is really happy the official version is out, and we are happy to give it to them.

What was your creative process behind the song? How long was it in the works for? 

I can’t remember when I wrote the lyrics, but the music for NY - LA was decided during a self imposed ‘pre production’ session alone at my friend’s place Burrow Studios in Samford. I was at the end of a long, creative month there and sick of thinking about music, but still working on the record. I demoed the track using a riff I had for another song, very quickly. That’s the riff today. At that point of the session I just wanted to feel good, and didn’t have the energy to over think it. When I took NY - LA to the band, we recorded it entirely live including my lead vocal. I really enjoyed adding an air raid siren in post, inspired by Black Sabbath’s song War Pigs.

What can we expect next from FFMB? Any big plans?

The album Diesel Forever comes out this year, and we’d love to keep touring the album once it’s released. People who come to Brisbane shows can already sing the lyrics to a lot of the album even though it’s not out yet, because we’ve been playing it live. We’d love to get to that stage with all of Australia once it’s released. We are also excited to press this record to vinyl, it will be our first vinyl for FFMB.

Some quick fire Qs to spice it up...

Currently listening to: Peter Bibby, Boing Boing, Flying Machine, Run The Jewels, Doja Cat.

Currently drinking: Young Henry's Stayer beer and their Gin & T.

Currently coveting: I have no current desires.

Currently wearing: I’m in love with the Thrills brown flannelette I got for their sponsorship this tour. I’m wearing it currently, in the literal sense. All my clothes were rags before this so I’m pretty serious when I say that I only wear Thrills now. The Paige Mid-Rise blue jeans and a classic Thrills hoodie is my new look. If you see our live pics recently I have been performing in a black slip that was my mum’s from the ’70s, but it's become pretty ripped, so I’m also keen to try out the Thrills denim mini skirt at the next live show.

Melbourne fam: catch FFMB this Thursday at The Curtain...

Or catch the end of their tour while you still can. If not, keep a close eye out for their album release. We sure will be.

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