Introducing our latest campaign, Hypnotica.

A mystical journey into hysteria. Transcending you from the world's current chaos into our illusion; where timeworn and unrefined beauty meets modern elegance. 

Hypnotica is our riskiest and most unexpected collection yet; showcasing a number of brand new and forward silhouettes and exploring edgy colours consistent with the grunge of the 90s. 

A first in THRILLS history, these pieces were designed by our team completely online amidst rigid COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. Instead of drawing on inspiration from our regular design travels, we leaned on local vintage stores and collaborated with our extended family on pieces we would have never thought to create before. 

Hypnotica features a plethora of premium sustainable fabrications such as Hemp, Organic Cotton and Recycled Nylon which reduces energy, consumption, and waste to landfill while contributing to the reversal of global warming and the impact on climate change.


Shop the campaign now.​ ​

Shop the campaign now.

Director/photographer: Nat Collins

Cinematography: Liam O'Brien

Talent: Darcy McConnell & Tali Tepuke

Production/socials: Madi Kliendienst

Production/assist: Jacob Pumphrey

Styling: Verena Lukas

Styling assist: Sheila Wedermann

H&MU: Candice September

Music: Sonic Attributes

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