Introducing our latest campaign, ‘Lucid Motion'. Be transported to a new era; where boldness and nostalgia flow. Showcasing our latest pieces deep in the lush north-side of Hollywood. 

Reinforcing our long-term sustainability ambitions, ‘Lucid Motion’ proudly features a plethora of premium sustainable fabrications such as Hemp, Organic Cotton and Recycled Nylon which reduces energy, consumption, and waste to landfill while contributing to the reversal of global warming and the impact on climate change.


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Talent: @michaelucian0 @bambslucia

Photo: @zhenyaminaeva

H&MU: @sydney_costley

Styling & Casting: @harperslate

Styling Asst: @verity 

Video: @rhyscarlill

Music: @lukecheadle

Production: @benjaminxriches

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