Introducing our new and exclusive Waffle collection.

With our love of fabric and sustainability, we've designed an injection range made using organic cotton and featuring our premium unbleached and undyed fabric. 

Comprising of 14 comfort-driven styles, this capsule nods to elevated loungewear while staying true to our iconic vintage-inspired street feel, all with sustainability front of mind.

Each piece has been carefully created using our new, unique and high-quality waffle fabric, made in our adorned organic cotton. With a healthy mix of 90s street and lounge all-in-one, our design team worked hard to ensure they'd become pieces you could wear year-round on heavy rotation.

These truly are some of our favourite pieces we've created, and you can feel good knowing that by purchasing a garment made with organic cotton, you are reducing the amount of pesticides and fertilisers normally used to produce fabric.


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