Introducing our latest collection: Solstice

Introducing our latest collection, Solstice.

As the world of fashion progresses, so too does our passion for designing vintage-inspired pieces with sustainability as a top priority in every step of the process. This collection, we've focused on unique fabrications, compelling silhouettes, and 90s-inspired prints, all with a strong attention to detail. Find classic and wearable neutrals mixed with standout florals and pronounced textures; a reflection of the sporadic world around us.

Every aspect of the collection is consciously created with sustainability front of mind. The new collection features an array of planet-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, recycled polyester, and ramie; furthering our sustainable future goals. 

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Director/photo: @natcollins666
Talent: @kristen.apollos @samuel_barrie
Production: @madi_k
Video: @liamtheseamonkey
Styling: @vlukes
Location styling/propping: @wildegoods_
Assist: @ryleeeelyr
H&MU: @spicymelons

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